How Are You Investing In HoloZing?

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HIVE needs to have DAPPs if it needs to succeed. What we have a blockchain that is easy to make transaction in due to 3 second block time (with one block finality) combined with the lack of fees. @holozing is one of the newer projects that started development and they have released some of the best pre release material out of any blockchain project.

I have already written about the project in detail multiple times. The team is filled with veterans of HIVE who have been a very active part of the community for many years. One of the best things about @holozing is that it is possible to invest in it while only risking curation rewards.

How To Earn ZING

Above are the four methods you could earn ZING. As you can see, I am using two of these to have a collection of ZING ready for the game release (most likely in 2024). If I hadn't already delegated most of my HIVE Power to @leo.voter, I would have a larger delegation made to @zingtoken. I have been increasing my stake every few weeks to make sure that I only keep enough HP to take care of my Resource Credit needs. I have Tribe Tokens such as $LEO staked to make my vote have some value.

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