How Do You Spread Your LARYNX Delegation?

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Practicing DPoS the way HIVE, BLURT, STEEM does is what I prefer doing. I like having 30 votes I can give with each of them getting the full vote based on my stake. This method is

  • Simple to manage
  • Voting one witness does not take away from another
  • Less of a zero sum game between witnesses

Despite all this, I welcome competition. Not every tool is great for every single occasion. @spknetwork likely took this decision after many discussion backed by very good reasons.

Manage SPK Assets Easily Through @ecency

SPK Integration with @ecency simplifies life requiring less logins and clicks. I like the ability to do all the asset management while doing everyday reading, commenting and article writing on a general use case front end. DLUX website is available for those who are not already using @ecency

Most HIVE users should get a monthly Airdrop of LARYNX and this will be gone if you failed to claim it before the end of the months. If you missed out so far, at least try to get the remaining portion of your Airdrop.

Spreading Delegation Around

I used January Airdrop on @chrisrice who is someone I have known for a long time (cryptosphere time which flows differently). He has his heart at the right place and I feel safe delegating to him. My goal is to empower a group of individuals who want HIVE and SPK to succeed. I don't obsess over who the best person is. As long as they work to make the world and the blockchain a better place, I am ready to delegate.

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I Focus On A Small Group of 2-4 Witnesses (8.33%) 1 / 12
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