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Should DAPPs Fully Migrate To Using Decentralized Storage Solutions Like Sia?

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I came across two posts related to HIVE blockchain and storage solutions. Sia has been a project I was cheering for since 2017 and I did make money investing in it during the previous bull market. I sold all of my position for a decent profit.

There are many other options to Sia. https://storj.io is one of them. The solutions offered by all of these platforms are greatly cheaper than the traditional alternatives. You could easily save 90% of costs.

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DAPPs Should Migrate To Decentralized Cloud Storage Like Sia (54.55%) 6 / 11
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It Is Still Too Early To Take These Services Seriously (27.27%) 3 / 11
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Decentralized Cloud Storage Should Be Used As A Backup For Now (18.18%) 2 / 11
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