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STEEM Is Officially Out Of Top 100 Cryptocurrencies - Do You Have Any Stake Left?

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I was on @coingecko and wanted to check STEEM price.I used Ctrl+F and had no results. Turns out STEEM is Rank 102 while HIVE is at 94. The best part was comparing trading volume

  • STEEM 24 Hour Trading Volume: $6,327,034
  • HIVE 24 Hour Trading Volume: $28,638,127

CoinMarketCap (owned by Binance) shows slightly different statistics at the time of writing.

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I Have A Small Stake Of STEEM Left (35.71%) 5 / 14
35.71% Complete (success)
I Have Sold Off Almost Everything I Had On STEEM (28.57%) 4 / 14
28.57% Complete (success)
I Have A Decent Chuck Of STEEM Waiting For A Bull Run (21.43%) 3 / 14
21.43% Complete (success)
I'm Still HODLing STEEM (7.14%) 1 / 14
7.14% Complete (success)
I Was Never Part Of STEEM (7.14%) 1 / 14
7.14% Complete (success)

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