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These Are Few DHF Proposals I Recommend.| Will You Vote Fro Them

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Currently we have a 4,994 HBD daily budget. This is going to become much larger as the millions from the Steemit stake is going to be converted into HBD. These are simply a set of projects that I believe to be capable of bringing value to the HIVE blockchain. Check them out throughly and consider voting for them. Majority of the daily budget goes unused. It is better to use the money to build now while we have the lead as world's #1 social media blockchain.

Read The Proposals I Support

Dapplr 30HBD + 500 HBD STEEM STEM 120 HDB Quello 70 HBD

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I Support @dapplr (500 HBD) (42.86%) 3 / 7
42.86% Complete (success)
I Support @quello (28.57%) 2 / 7
28.57% Complete (success)
I Need More Time To Think (28.57%) 2 / 7
28.57% Complete (success)

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