What Have You Done With Your BeeSwap Token(BXT) Airdrop?

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We have another passive income token that generate you cryptocurrency income. Thsi time you can earn 50% of all the fees generated by BeeSwap with BeeSwap Token(BXT). You may have already had some tokens airdropped to you. According to @beeswap the snapshot was taken few weeks ago.


My plan is obviously to stake and earn the passive income through the exchange fees. The fees have already been growing as the HIVE-Engine ecosystem grew. Currently BTX is being traded at $6.60. ~2100 accounts on the list from SIM holders, LEO holders, splinterlands players and BeeSwap users were selected for the airdrop.

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I Didn't Get Any BeeSwap Token(BXT) Airdropped (60.0%) 9 / 15
60.0% Complete (success)
I Have Staked All My BeeSwap Token(BXT) Airdrop (26.67%) 4 / 15
26.67% Complete (success)
I Bought BXT on Market (13.33%) 2 / 15
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