What Have You Done With Your @splinterlands VOUCHERs?

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One of the best things about being part of @splinterlands has been all the Airdrops. The current value of SPS Airdrop has gone down significantly. I'm still HODLing and waiting for a $5 SPS. Beyond that I don't have too many hopes, but I would definitely welcome higher prices. The amount of daily SPS gained has gone down by ~30% for me. What I earn as staking interest has been more or less stable.

An Airdrop on Top of an Airdrop

These VOUCHERs are currently worth $1.2444 in the market. I don't expect them to go down too much in value. I am expecting Riftwatchers to require VOUCHERs for purchasing. Those who are making bulk purchases have the ability to get $4 packs with each of these token. That is going to bring in a significant demand. Only thing I'm not sure is whether the inflation was too much or not.

I Have Sold Part of My Airdrop

It turned out to be a good move since the current buy orders for VOUCHERs is 1.03700004 SWAP.HIVE. I am still HODLing some as I do plan to make more @splinterlands purchases in the future.

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