What is Your Discount For HoloZing Starter Packs?

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I have high hopes for @holozing and I do think of it as our best chance at replicating the success of @splinterlands for another time. The developers are experienced in HIVE and you may have seen at least a few of them being active on the blockchain. Everything they talk about the game comes across as well thought out and this is something that genuinely have more faith in the game. This is one of my first articles on the game.

Calendar Bonus Reveal

>If you claimed 31 out of 31 unique days during December, you will get the maximum of 31% discount when purchasing your first Starter pack and Healer NFT!

As you can see, I have missed out on 3 out of 31 days setting myself a very good discount of 28% when buying a Starter Pack. I do not think I will be able to invest a large amount into the game. Buying a Starter Pack could still be a move worth making.

Earn ZING With HP Delegation

This is the safest method to acquire ZING Tokens and benefit from the success of @holozing. The team is genuine and serious and having a small opportunity cost of losing out on curation rewards earned from HIVE Power is a worthwhile trade-off IMHO.

Referral Program is Live!

If there is anyone who helped you with finding news and learn more about @holozing, this is a good time to add them as a referrer. If you have not taken a look at the game, this is my referral link. It does not cost you anything to try. I recommend having Keychain Extension installed on your browser. It is my favorite way to interact with the HIVE DAPPs.

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