Which Short Term Development Would Help The STEEM-Engine User Experience The Most?

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STEEM-Engine is still at a very early stage. The UX is not very impressive. I'm sure things will greatly change for the long term. You don't have to take my word for it. Just take a look at how @steemmonsters developed from its early days to current stage. There are shot term additions that can give the UX a quick boost. Which one of them is the most needed?

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Ability To Claim/Stake Multiple Tokens When I Have 10+ Tokens To Claim (72.73%) 8 / 11
72.73% Complete (success)
More Responsive/Smoother Website (18.18%) 2 / 11
18.18% Complete (success)
UI Changes (9.09%) 1 / 11
9.09% Complete (success)

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