Would You Like To See BLURT Farm on CUB, POLYCUB etc.?

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Whatever your thoughts about BLURT are, you have to admit that it is a decentralized community project with very reasonably fair launch that is better than most of the attempts we have seen at decentralized social media. You have to admit that it is at least not under the control of some central entity like Steemit Inc, or having major technical issues (such as inability to scale, being prohibitively expensive, lacking in antifragility etc.) like the projects that are based on ERC-20.

Graphene is excellent for social media blockchains Through second layers, it is possible to build great things including smart contracts on top of BLURT. I'm not seeing any major development in this department.

A Great Community With Limited Accessibility

Experimentation is a good thing. BLURT got rid of downvotes and stablecoin. They have added fees to make blockchain transactions. We can look at these changes as an experimentation. This is not a simulation. At the very least the data that is coming out of this will be valuable. The experiences I have had with the community have been absolutely great. There are many great people on BLURT.

Statistics from SimilarWeb

These are still the early days of blockchain social media and I do thing BLURT has a chance to improve. This is only one of the front ends for BLURT. I am seeing many real users getting onboard despite the project not being well known. Some good marketing and accessibility can tremendously help with this.

The Lack of Liquidity and Trading Volume

BLURT is available on one centralized exchange and it is available on BNB chain and HIVE-Engine. Few thousand dollars of volume is not very conducive to onboarding large scale investors. BLURT developers, Witnesses and community should try to get all the help they can.

What Does @leofinance Gain

If I have to go by the amount of money I have invested into, CUB/POLYCUB is easily #1 which also happen to be the two investments I have lost the most money in (over $50,000 and zero regrets!). I have a lot to gain from helping @leofinance and I think those who are already familiar with HIVE and LEO could be more willing to invest into our DeFi projects than the random cryptocurrency user.

  • BLURT will be paid against CUB/POLYCUB
  • Trading fees received
  • Interest in xPLOYCUB wars to allocate rewards
  • Free marketing and SEO

I am fully convinced that this will be a great move for BLURT and I urge the developers to talk to @khaleelkazi and see it is possible to create a Farm or even a Kingdom. As for CUB, xPOLYCUB investors, you can provide comments if this would be worth the effort and rewards allocated.

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