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dPoll Post: Who wrote The Odyssey? - Earn DEC

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I'll be doing general culture polls, I will also give away some Dark Energy Crystal and Splinterlands Cards among the voters, read on to see how the giveaway will work.

Today's Question:

Who wrote The Odyssey?

Giveaway - Winner Announcement

See the winners of the poll giveaway of June 19, 2019 here.

Giveaway - 2 winners

  • 1º Prize: 25 Dark Energy Crystal (DEC)
  • 2º Prize: Exploding Dwarf (Splinterlands Cards)
The voters who answer correctly will be participating for both prizes, while those who answer incorrectly will only participate for the 2º prize.


  • Answer the poll question through Dpoll.
  • You don't cheat if you don't know the right answer.
  • Upvote, Follow or Resteem are not necessary, but it would be helpful if you do.
Winners will be randomly selected from users who have participated in the poll using a Random Name picker.

If you don't play Splinterlands yet, you can register here. If you don't know what Splinterlands is, you can read the introduction post presented by @aggroed.

Thank you for having a look and good luck in the giveaway ✌

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