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Are animal tests still justified?

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Did you ever visit a mink farm?

I did it for several years. It was where I bought buckets with food for a part of the animals I kept. I had a mink myself too. If you believe you can easily walk in and out a mink farm you are wrong. The animals are kept together, isolated from the outside world and only one or two caretakers go inside.

This is what happened. Some minks are infected with the coronavirus. Question: How can this be? Media: Humans are infected by minks Question: Who did infect the minks? Fact: the government wants the mink farms to close down.

The Erasmus University in Rotterdam did tests on ferrets. They infected these animals with the virus. Clear is animals do not count. The result: ferrets can get the virus and according to this test the virus is airborne.

More tests are done. This time on cats by three different universities. Question: Why this time by three and not only one? We already know cats can get the virus and the question is how and who infects who and are these viruses the same? Question: Why is this test not done with ferrets or... Fact: The government says animals/pets are bad for the environment and want to get rid of them. If cats are high risk it's a good reason to kill all of them.

Curious what will happen next? You do not might care about minks or ferrets or cats but the dogs are the next one in a row. After the dogs the rest of the cattle because like we all know animals have diseases and they will infect us. Isisn't it strange no one says we, we humans, infect the animals?

The animals will not be the only ones on who governments will test. The testing on humans already started with and without medication. We let elderly people die without care and once all. of them are vanished you are the next one in a row. There are meds and vaccinations, not tested well enough to see if they harm but they are there. You can take them or let it be. It is your free choice, the results are your own responsibility.

If you ask me we should change our attitude against animals and taking responsibility for our own deeds.

Animals do not have our DNA and shouldn't be used for tests like these just to prove what is thought is right (that the thought is wrong is ignored, tunnel vision).

https://www.mupload.nl/img/16ht7mwdf0fl.jpg This is a pixabay.com picture.

Are tests on animals justified or is it like a friend stated: medieval, barbarian and cruel?

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