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Do you know how I can get my steem?

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I need help.

I have a huge problem with laying hands on Steem. At first, I used blocktrades.us but this is no longer possible. I used Bitvavo which worked well for some time but since the past weeks/months there are always problems. The last transfer I made didn't arrive in my wallet and by now I am 3 days further. I wrote them and will keep sending e-mails but I do not receive any respond.

At first they sent an e-mail if the transaction arrived, answered e-mails within a few minutes and now it is silent. I really have a bad feeling about them. No explanation, no warnings, nothing.

I tried several brokers but if I can sign up at all I have no idea how to do it. With it I mean: How can I get my Steem?

>If it comes to Bitvavo I used my wallet and transferred the amount to Bitvavo. My wallet address I filled out at the memo.

Does this work the same for other brokers?

My main problem with brokers is they do not work where I live and I can not pass the verification with my ID or drivers license and a photo of my face. Apparently my face is not recognized. Are there any other options? Is there something really user friendly at all? I do not want to use steem-engine. It doesn't work for me plus I noticed certain tokens disappeared.

I noticed Huobi Global has Steem and Hive, I assume I can change Steem for Hive this way too?

Do you know an easy way how I can get my Steem? Please, explain this step by step. I want to do this myself not use anyone else for it.

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Yes, please explain it. (50.0%) 4 / 8
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No, someone else does the trading for me. (37.5%) 3 / 8
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Other (12.5%) 1 / 8
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