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Can you explain the benefit of hive.io and how to power down?

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Another confusing day.

2051 people have the Coronavirus in The Netherlands. 346 more as yesterday and 15 died. Not only the Coronavirus keeps the mind busy so does the new hive. To be honest I have a hard time understanding what it's about, the differences between the newborn and the hives we already have. HIVE.io is a hive and so are: palnet, neoxian-city, marlians, creativecoin, etc. Most are a kind of copy of steemit. What is the new thing this HIVE will bring us? Is it different from all those other hives which have their own token? I assume this one will too?

I just read a German post about hive.io To be honest I didn't feel comfortable after reading it.

How I understand this post.

  • HIVE will copy/take over whole steemit, the accounts, and posts but only a part of what the "enemy" wrote.
  • The enemy is everyone who... I guess didn't agree with every word written by.... (those who know best?)
  • Voted for the wrong witnesses or didn't vote at all?
  • ?

Redfish/Plankton who behaved wrong might perhaps join after they apologized to????

Is this the start of a new platform that promotes freedom, freedom of speech, etc.

Isn't it the task of all of us to explain in easy to understand words what is going on? Many, and yes I am one of them, need to translate what is said, have to figure out on their own what is going on or meant. There are words used (in the German article but I see them in English too) I have no idea what is meant with it. It's great if you, the writers and insiders, the big whales, do but it's abracadabra to me.

I do not feel comfortable after reading this German article. I don't feel welcome and it feels to me one is only welcome under certain circumstances, HIVE is a platform for celebrities only or big investors.

I wonder about the rest of the dapps. At this moment they can be used to post on palnet, marlians, etc. Will @esteemapp continue with it? Without the help of a dapp, it's impossible for me to join any platform (I use @partiko most because it loads ten times faster as @esteemapp).

>I am sure many users have no idea what is going on. Not everyone is present on a daily base, has a good connection and can search fast for the latest info.

I wonder why the new HIVE has so many restrictions if it comes to joining. I cannot remember the other hives did. If a hive already starts this way I ask myself what more restrictions will follow, how many snakes hide in the grass. Will members be punished for every word that doesn't fit this platform? The one(s) who started it?

If you can explain in easy words the benefits of the new HIVE against the present hives and the powerdown I'll be grateful to you.

Please, try to avoid the words, you specialists/insiders use. Simple language please.

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