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Do you know how to change a bike's tire?

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I still struggle with the tire! It's not that I work on it when day since the past two days (this is day 3). Day one I bought a new tire. Day 2 I removed the old one and we checked the inner tire and this morning I started with the new tire. The youngest tried to give me a hand till the moment came it had to leave for school.

"I think I keep the black one it's faster. I know now how to get on it."

"Okay, it gives me time to fix this one."

Off the kid it on my "granny bike" and I am left with the tire. I assume the guy at the bike shop has some tools. I only have spoons, forks and knives. I once bought a small box but cannot find it. I am not in the mood to empty the whole shed (I will one day but not now). I don't have the power to pull hard so first step is keeping what I managed at it's place. The next step is using the tablespoons. Cutlery can be used for more as eating only. I remember how angry it made my granny as my uncle used the knives instead of screwdrivers. Hers looked better as mine which I bought at the secondhand shop.

This is how far I got. The question is how to get the tire at it's place.

It's not that I give up on it. The very customer unfriendly bike shop owner made my child clear he has no time for it. We bought the bike at this shop and he was very unfriendly at that time too. He just started a few weeks earlier or moved over there, and even the settle a bit higher took him over a week. I wonder why people start a shop if they do not like to work.

Instead of trying on I left the spoons at their place and did the dishes. Perhaps it will lose the tire a bit more? If not a need to search on the internet how other, simple people like me, do it.

Do you know how to change the tire of a bike?

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