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Do you know how to transfer to a different wallet with Blockchain?

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It's time to clean up my phone. I hardly have memory left so I need to remove apps. It will be a hard task since I need most of it. I do not have games installed on it. I noticed I had two apps of earlier brokers/wallets I once used. Coinbase and Blockchain. Both gave me a hard time to log in after such a long time. Kind of weird since I have the passwords. I managed to change the password for Coinbase. The amount left is 80 cents. The Blockchain wallet is a big mess if you ask me. I have still BTC and ETH on it, can swap although it gives me a message there's a failure, but have no idea how to transfer it to a different wallet. I want to get rid of it and nowhere I can find a way how to do it.

The main reason I want to dump both brokers/wallets is because of the amount of cryptocurrency they sell. It is very limited. They promised me free Stellar but it never arrived. I read on google someone else's Stellar was gone too after an update. Might be it's a bug, might be they work on it but the fact is this is not a safe wallet no matter how simple and great it's interface is. Both wallets give me an uncomfortable feeling, Blockchain is the number 1.

Do you know how I can transfer my cryptocurrency from Blockchain to a different wallet? Nowhere I can find that option back. I can swap between the cryptocurrencies, I can change into euro but there's no transfer option.

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