Do you make decisions easily

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Our life is filled with choices.

How to choose what is best? Daily we (have to) make many deciscions. Small or bigger ones. Some we regret others we do not care about. It's hard to do, take or buy what is best for you. The more choice we have the worse it is.

>Scientists say it's impossible to choose the best out of everything. We should pick what satisfies us most.

It's said you regret most of what you never did. True or? If it comes to choices it's not true. Regret is all in our head and it's regret, the fear to regret what we choose or bought, that's in our way if we are hesitating and we cann't make up our mind.

>Sneaky salesman, too many options and our budget can make it more difficult too to do what is best for you.

Not everyone cares about the best high tech. What is perfect sound worth if you can not hear it? Btw women hear way more tunes than men, the fun of the biggest tv screen (to watch commercials extra big?) if you still pay it off long after the guarantee expired or a 5 star hotel if not care about golf, SPA and a babysitter?

An annoying salesman can make me run out of the shop and never return. I buy what I need, like, can afford and saved for first.

Do you make deciscions easily? Are you afraid you regret what you bought? If so keep in mind the joy we felt as we bought that exclusive item in reality doesn't last as long as expected and the regret we feel after buying the wrong item turns out to be short too. If it comes to it we rarely regret (long) the choices we made. It's just what they say but psychologists proved it's not true.

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