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Does the color of a tongue matter?

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So many tongues and they all look different.

A healthy tongue should be pink or red.

True or not true?

How can we be so sure?

I reality this seems to be a rarity except for the tongue you buy at the butcher. For periods it's a hype to brush or scratch your tongue and use all kind of attributes to make it easier, acceptable and more comfortable to stretch your tongue out...

No matter how hard you brush or scratch the pink will not remain for long. It's back in short time (within a few hours) so it's saver to keep your mouth shut. I wonder what causes all these colored tongues (except for lollipops and berries) and why the cause is so hard to be found. It might be a sign of some disease and wiping out a symptom might harm.

Do animals care? Does the color matter or can we ignore it?

All photos are from pixabay.com, the banner is mine

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