Dpoll 13: The customer is king?

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I seldom eat in restaurants these days.

It is not only a matter of money but the quality of the food is getting worse plus the atmosphere and service is seldom what I expect from it.

>In my opinion, a fast-food restaurant is not a restaurant. It is a snack bar, a place where people swallow their food down without chewing and do not spend more time as necessary.

If you are not satisfied with your food (cold, burned, tasteless, etc) will you tell the truth if asked if you enjoyed your meal or complain about it or swallow it down and pay whatever is asked and keep visiting the place?

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No,you won't see me again (47.83%) 11 / 23
47.83% Complete (success)
Yes, I complain (13.04%) 3 / 23
13.04% Complete (success)
No, I keep my mouth shut (13.04%) 3 / 23
13.04% Complete (success)
I want value for my money. If the food isn't right I get my right. (13.04%) 3 / 23
13.04% Complete (success)
Other (8.7%) 2 / 23
8.7% Complete (success)
Yes, I come back again (4.35%) 1 / 23
4.35% Complete (success)

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