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Dpoll 15: Can you stand the cold?

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It is winter and freezing cold.

Hopefully, my water pipes will not get frozen. I need to switch off the power to prevent the water pump for keeping running and get broke (again). This means I can not use an electric heater in the guestroom to prevent the pipes getting frozen.

My granny lived in an old villa. It was impossible to heat the whole place so only the living was warm. I hated to go to the bathroom since it was so extremely cold. Now I have a cold bathroom myself I put an electric heater to defrost myself. I can not stand the cold and not only have a cold allergy that causes me rashes and nerve pain but the cold is also infecting my ears and good for a never-ending cold on the head (headache).

Even if the sun shines outside inside the temperature inside will not raise above 6°C. I am not only wearing a vest and bathrobe or jacket inside over my clothes but a scarf and beanie day and night too.

Partly I am used to the cold. We all are although living in a fridge that is no fun. If I go to a shop or visit someone where they heat up the place I feel miserable, although it is good to have warm feet once in a while instead of frozen ones.

Which temperature makes you feel most comfortable and... can you stay in a house with a temperature of +/- 6°C _(outside it is not any better)-. Do you have tips to stay warm? My beanie is for sure not warm and a cold body can not warm-up clothes. Because of allergies, I can not wear wool and synthetic.

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I have no idea, it's always warm here. (20.0%) 2 / 10
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