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Dpoll 15: What motivates you to reach your goal?

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It is Januar 5th today.

The new year started and many of us set goals. I am one of them although I did not intend to do this again. It is easier for me not to plan, to live by the day and live by the plans/schedules I made. (Not more as three tasks a day and guess what I seldom finish these three because always something else comes in between. Other things, needs keep me busy.).

In the past days I thought about the targets I set. I wrote my Targets set for 2020 and had A great start into 2020.

In the past days I mentioned my targets several times. This morning I wrote How to make the difference? the difference for me since achievements are mainly meant for me. To make me reach my goal I have to focus on the goals and ignore obstacles. Making notes, checking balances is a part of it.

Being home makes it easier for me to receive what I want. I promised a friend to give her a weekly update too. In the meanwhile I thought over my targets and think hope, I can do more/better. Especially if it comes to saving for my "retirement". The amount set is too low to have a bit of extra money in two years' time.

I am already used by shopping once a month and paying most cash plus making a yearly and monthly budget. I know my budget and what needs to be paid but my budget is too low to do it all. This means I forget about my needs first and stocked to the rule of "no debts". In 2020 I will put me in the first place and pay myself first again.

Start / needed 1. Retirement: 0 / 600 2. Car: 0 / 1500 3. Visa: 0 /1200 4. Double SP: 2216 / 4500 _(delegations included)_ 5. Weight: ? / 61

Update Januar 5, 2020 1. Retirement 145 /600 2. Car: 220 / 1500 3. Visa card: 247 /1200 4. SP: 2336 / 4500 5. Weight: ? / 61

After I managed the targets above I will see what more I can do to improve my life.

What methods do you use to motivate yourself to reach the goals you set? No matter if it is based on a day, week, month or for the future we all have our ways to get what we want or need.

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I set targets and stick to them (33.33%) 4 / 12
33.33% Complete (success)
I set targets and need support (16.67%) 2 / 12
16.67% Complete (success)
I do not care about target, my life is fine the way it is (16.67%) 2 / 12
16.67% Complete (success)
Other... (16.67%) 2 / 12
16.67% Complete (success)
I set targets and start tomorrow (8.33%) 1 / 12
8.33% Complete (success)
I set targets but too many (8.33%) 1 / 12
8.33% Complete (success)

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