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Dpoll 16: Which tag first, tribe, hive or?

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First there was Steemit.

At least it was steemit.com for me. Next I joined WEKU because it was hard for me to load steemit.com.

@Partiko turned out to be a great help and still is. I use it to write and edit. If I publish with another dapp I copy-paste it from @partiko.

At a certain moment all kind of tribes were born. There are more tribes as one know and it is hard to join them all. I noticed as time passed by I mainly use: palnet, neoxian(-city), creativecoin, marlians and rhb.

By now I have doubts about Marlians (steak does not recognize it as a tribe I wonder why.) and palnet. More tags can be used (if you use steemit 8, steempeak 10) but still only the first seem to count.

All those tribes, all those tags and... all those tokens cost a lot of time and energy.

I wonder if it benefits at all to post on a tribe. Most tokens are even worth less as Steem is (way less) and there is not even a fun part of it.

Tokens I use is BEER (fun and reward if you stake them), Trendotoken/trdo (rewarding someone) and Commentcoin (rewarding someone). SHOP might be fun if you understand/know how it works. I haven't made my mind up about the Tipu rewarding system yet. (After I tried to figure out how it works I gave up on it.)

The new kid on steel are the hives. A community pays 3 Steem to get a number. It is not clear yet to me how to post into a certain hive directly, if you need to be a member first and if it is a must to use the hive-xxx as a first tag (you cannot do so if you use @actifit or @alpics or @dpoll). What is the benefit of being a number? How to remember all these hives and can a newbie recognize what it stands for?

If you ask me Steem is not getting easier.

Do you think tribes benefit you or are they just a way to be noticed? What about all these tokens? Do you have benefit from them or is it the fun aspect that counts? Will you join the hives group and only use hive-numbers as a tag or just leave it the way it is?

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Yes, tribes benefit me (39.13%) 9 / 23
39.13% Complete (success)
Use the tag that benefits you most. (26.09%) 6 / 23
26.09% Complete (success)
I do not see the benefit of a hive (13.04%) 3 / 23
13.04% Complete (success)
The benefit of a hive is... (Please, explain) (8.7%) 2 / 23
8.7% Complete (success)
Other... (8.7%) 2 / 23
8.7% Complete (success)
All to mend are fun (4.35%) 1 / 23
4.35% Complete (success)

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