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Dpoll 21: Is "might" a good reason to do it?

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I keep thinking about the email I received, thinking and wondering but also ask myself if I gave the right answer. If you like to know more read here

"If you step into the plane... I might put a ring on your finger."

What does that mean? It doesn't sound very attractive to me. Why should I step in a plane, waste time and money for a "might"?

"Might" means nothing. It is not an "I will". To me, it is the same as "perhaps" and perhaps stands for "no". A way of refusing people use who are not straight enough to say no right into your face. It is a cheap and easy way to stay friends, get what you want without investing yourself. "Might" It is an empty promise.

This all besides the fact I am not interested in rings/jewelry and not in being married either. I like my life, the freedom I have, no taking care of an adult with "mights" and who knows what more issues. No fights, no struggles, no giving ins, no sharing of my income, debts.

Does he really believe his "might" and "ring" is attractive to me, a good reason for me to give up my life to please him?


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