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Dpoll 22: Do you catch the flu?

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How come you catch the flu?

Does it depend on where one lives or the lifestyle of how easily the flu is caught? I live in a country with four seasons. Each season is good to catch a cold or worse the flu.

A cold and flu are not the same.

A cold you can catch from a draft, Airco, being too long in cold water, etc. The flu is caused by a virus and being around with many other people is good for catching one.

I learned that it is unhealthy to sleep in a warm/heathen up bedroom. Our bedrooms are never warm. No matter how bad my health is, I haven't had the flu for at least 35 years if not longer. My children never had it either. To my daughter's opinion, I am immune. According to her I get deadly sick from something small but will never get the plague. What do you think?

Is it lifestyle, the country I live, the low temperature we live in or are we immune against each flu virus? Although the children go to school we do not visit other people and no one visits us. Shopping is something we do once a month. Generally speaking, we have less contact with other people.

>I never had a flu vaccination in my entire life. They say the older you get the smaller the chance is to catch the flu because your immune system has been in contact with many viruses year after year. This makes sense since many little children are getting sick as soon they start with school._

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