Dpoll 38: Should we judge others by our own values?

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It is a while ago @ecotrain's QOTW (question of the week) was "Should we judge others by our own values?.

I did not answer the question at that time. My first respond would be "no" but fact is we, our brain, instinct say "yes".

If it comes to it we are used to us, our lifestyle, habits, the country we are raised and grew up. We like what looks the way we like. It is programmed in our dna. It is scientifically proved that if you copy someone's behavior that person likes you (the method is used during job interviews and it is a way to manipulate people and get what you want.).

Some people easily fit in and if they emigrate find it normal to be part of the new community,others simply refuse. My grandparents were an example of fitting in. Once in the Netherlands they spoke Dutch only and lived by the rules and Dutch law. They never forced their "habits" upon someone else. Religion, food, politics and the way they (mainly my grandmother) raised their children was private. They would never demonstrate, write on walls, raise their voices, yell the are discriminated. They worked hard, made friends and never blamed society for their misery.

The Dutch society always been a mixed one. Not only because of the colonies the country once had but many Chinese live there too. We are used to all kinds of faces. No matter what they think, eat or believe. I guess in some way they managed to fit in no matter if they mixed with Dutchmen or stayed with their fellows.

Times change and we deal with cultures that do not fit in or... give in. If I visit these countries I live by their rules, in my own country I need to live by their rules too and this is something I do not understand and refuse. If you want to be normal, accepted you need to act normal. Misbehaving, stealing, vandalism, gang rapes, yelling, shouting, etc is not considered as normal behavior but... some get away with it because they claim it is normal in their home country (although I have strong doubts about it. Cutting off a thief's hand still does not belong to the world's history.).

As a society, we set/developed values, norms and based our laws on it. My father always said "If you think you can have it better elsewhere leave." I say: "If you can not live with it leave, find a better place where you are accepted the way you are." There are plenty of societies and the world is big enough. Long story short my answer is "Yes". Why? Because what for me counts should count for someone else too. Freedom comes with a price and we all have to pay our share to assure it will be guaranteed to all of us. Not to the one with the biggest mouth only.

Should we judge others by our own values?

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