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Dpoll 46: Do you really prefer Steem above other platforms?

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This platform is meant to write.

Write or publish and many do. Photos, diaries, stories and news is shared. The block chain should be great and better as the world wide web and its famous platforms and social places. Better or not if it comes to it many still use the so well known and kicked at platforms to promote Steem or themselves. I wonder why, but also where you all find the time to be on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram and who knows what else (not forget to mention the online games.)

Do you really prefer Steem above all and if how social are you on these places?

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It's only Steem for me. (54.55%) 12 / 22
54.55% Complete (success)
I use all platforms for different reasons and invest in each of them. (27.27%) 6 / 22
27.27% Complete (success)
I only use other platforms to promote Steem. (9.09%) 2 / 22
9.09% Complete (success)
I am here to earn and socialize elsewhere. (4.55%) 1 / 22
4.55% Complete (success)
Other, ... (4.55%) 1 / 22
4.55% Complete (success)

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