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Dpoll 53: Do you monitor your health/blood pressure, etc?

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Good health is precious.

Many of us will find out about it once it is too late. To me it is enough to listen to my body but it is modern these days to have your own blood pressure monitor and know all about your own body. Even if you do doctors will not always take you serious if you say something is wrong.

What you do not know can not scare you.

With me everything is low. Body temperature, blood pressure... it runs in our family and is normal to us. We feel fine. We have fever if we have the average body temperature doctors use. I do not care about a yearly checkup by the doctor. It is not common to do so and why should I if I feel fine?

Do you know your body temperature, blood pressure (mmHg), heartbeat (Bpm), etc. and are you monitoring it?

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