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Dpoll 54: How was your time at school?/Is school needed to be successful in life?

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Do you remember your time at school? Did you have a good time? Were you bullied or perhaps the bully? How about the teachers? Were they honest or did they discriminate? How willing were they to teach?

I have a very long experience with schools. Not only all those years I spent at it but also the many years my children went to school - and the youngest still are at -. (My eldest will be 36 years old next month.)

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Education is no guarantee to get a job (29.73%) 11 / 37
29.73% Complete (success)
I had a great time and great teachers (24.32%) 9 / 37
24.32% Complete (success)
These days you can educate yourself (13.51%) 5 / 37
13.51% Complete (success)
I am better off since I left school (10.81%) 4 / 37
10.81% Complete (success)
I had a bad time due to other students (8.11%) 3 / 37
8.11% Complete (success)
Other, ... (Please share your experiences/ideas) (5.41%) 2 / 37
5.41% Complete (success)
I had a great time thanks to other students (2.7%) 1 / 37
2.7% Complete (success)
Homeschooling is a way better option (2.7%) 1 / 37
2.7% Complete (success)
You need school to get a great job (2.7%) 1 / 37
2.7% Complete (success)

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