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Dpoll 74: Do you have issues adding photos to your content?

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Some have photo troubles.

Problems with loading/adding pictures/photos to an article. The first time I bumped into it was as I tried out @esteemapp. I told them but a solution wasn't given. I struggled on and noticed about a week later steemit.com had the same issue. Not able to add a photo to content or... It was not shown. Personally, I find a picture not shown or as a "broken" picture worse.

>@partiko still shows every picture no matter if it's my own or downloaded or sent via Whatsapp. That's why I figured it out too late. Yes, I still use Partiko to write and edit.

How to solve this problem? One thing is sure it has to do with steem/steemit/new steem/steem 2.0. or how you like to call it. Partiko never got the upgrade since the latest HFs and is no part of the problem.

Each photo I read with the app photogrid and save it new. If I use that photo it works and is shown. I assume it works with any photo-program you like. This all takes a lot of time but it works and after reading this post I know I am not the only one and it's not a mobile phone user issue.

Do you experience problems adding photos to your content? If this is the case do you know the reason or have a solution for it?

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No, it works fine (69.23%) 9 / 13
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Sometimes (23.08%) 3 / 13
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Other, ... (please share your opinion, solution, idea. Thank you.) (7.69%) 1 / 13
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