dPoll is migrated to Hive blockchain. 🎉

Dpoll.xyz has a hive number, is the site no longer needed?

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Hurray, or should I say: Okay...

Dpoll.xyz has a hive number.

If you check your account you see your dpoll show up there too. If you post via dpoll.xyz your dpoll tag automatically changes - after posting - in hive-120019.

How cool is that? I am afraid not at all. If it works the same as with the other communities (alias hives) no one can read your dpoll unless he/she visits dpoll.xyz or you resteem/reblog your own post.

Resteeming yourself so your followers can read you is one of the bad things about steemit 2.0. Your polls/posts are invisible for your followers, visitors and with that to the outside world! To me it feels the blickchain is not a substitute for the word wide web but a closed circle for invited people only.

Dpoll has a hive number, does this mean dpoll.xyz is no longer needed to post a poll?

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