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Ever been drunk of eating food containing alcohol.

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The police are busy.

The Coronavirus means a lot of extra work next to what they already do, catching drunk drivers for example. In the capital city of the province, I lived for many years a driver was told to stop because of his driving style. The man denied he drank alcohol but it was in his blood as the test results showed.

What happened? He bought "cherry chocolate bobbins" (Mon Cherie or a different brand) because they were on sale. They tasted great and he ate more as one box. It's not written on the box you can get drunk by eating chocolate. At least we know now it contains real alcohol and it's not flavored with...

This box was a birthday present for my kid today. It smelled like alcohol but I doubt it is. The quality of the chocolate is not great and it's for sure not worth it's the price.

Ever been drunk of eating food containing alcohol?

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