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Will the coronavirus change your lifestyle?

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It's 9:25 am

"School is open between 9-12 am for those who left study books behind and lessons/homework will be sent by the internet." The youngest's teacher sent a message by MSN. My kid is no part of a school group on FB so it's good the teacher stays in touch this way. It's possible the class will not meet again. It's their last year at this school and they already did their test for the next school.

>The bus-kid heard nothing and doesn't know yet how lessons will be sent. Some children in the class have no internet and visit the library once in a while. Our connection isn't the best either. We can seldom load a site and this gives my child already stress. I doubt the providers will provide a better connection in the next weeks/months. The number of online users will increase.

It was quiet outside as we left but it's Sunday and early so not strange. We went to school to pick up the bike and take away the garbage to the containers. The Biology teacher looked from a distance and had a weird look in her eyes. It feels more serious now the school is closed and with it, people seem to feel more fear.

Will it changes our lives?

It's too early to tell. We have food and I keep in stock what I have. I will save me a lot of gas. Lucky me no driving up and down 4 - 8 times a day. There's time to clean up the house, car, do the garden. It's good to have children. Less laundry. No extra school and gymnastic clothes. No monthly fee for the bus. No extra food for the children at school. No extra, unexpected, school fees. No school trips plus extra costs. I assume online/home teaching will be stimulated more. They need to start with it fast now. We can sleep longer. No need to get out at 4 am which is great for night owls like us. No bullies. A good reason to avoid people, not pay them a visit, for not shaking hands without anyone feeling insulted. Providers and social media will grow and have benefited from it.

Will the coronavirus change your present lifestyle?

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