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You financially support family in need?

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My daughter is home alone.

Home alone and jobless. Her employer didn't pay her and I doubt that money will ever be paid. Two years ago all kinds of excuses were given and the Coronavirus makes a good excuse now. I already pay the rent, gas and electricity bills, all taxes. She canceled her phone, got rid of the car and tries to find a job. Already the health insurance is 100 euro a month. You are sued if you don't have one.No matter what employers say, how many employees are asked, if it comes to it they do not want her. Although it is not allowed to reject someone because of gender and age it is what happens. She is not disabled (no money paid to the employer), no foreigner (no money paid to the employer), no student (working for free)... she costs an employer money. "What should I do simply die because I cannot get a job, " she asked. I guess that is the idea. She does not benefit the employer with her age and high education. It's too much for a simple job every "simple-minded" person can do. Still, I wonder why employers complain they cannot find people willing to work but at the same time deny to give a job to so many people willing to work. The statistics never mention this dark side. It's not something of the past month but already happens for at least twenty years. I try to motivate her to continue actively searching for a job. Even those jobs she was denied only a few weeks ago. They ask for employers which means they need people or?In the meanwhile, I try to find a way to pay all those bills, not only mines but hers too. Let's hope I manage since this is all heaping up on my desk. It's a very bitter pill after all the sacrifices I made and the high costs for years of education I paid for. It feels like a huge waste of money.Do you support your family in need and till what amount or prize?I have a small income which is the minimum salary for one, single person, not a single parent which I am.

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