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You watched the film "El Camino?"

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El Camino: Breaking bad the movie.

I watched this Netflix film today. It was downloaded longer ago and for some reason it didn't look attractive to me between my list of other films to watch. I saw the tv series "Breaking Bad" (2008-2013) and can remember at a certain point it became boring to me. Might be that's the reason I can not remember how it ended or I missed a part. Should I watch the last episodes again?

It's true "Better call Saul" (2015) impressed me more.

"El Camino" starts where the serie ends. If you ask me not much is going on. It starts with the advice to start a new life in Alaska and after ....?... it's where Jesse ends. There are some flashbacks of what happened to Jesse after his escape and during the time he "collects" the money for his new life (including new identity). After watching I still don't know what exactly happened to Jesse. How he ended up in a cage, why his parents want him to turn himself in, etc.


Did you watch the Netflix film "El Camino?"

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