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Do you agree or disagree with the black list created by @arcange?

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@arcange has created a new black list and has posted about it here and here you can find the blacklist, with all users that post both on Hive and on Steemit.

This is a personal initiative from him, and no one can tell him what to do.

We are asking you if you agree or not with this blacklist and what to do with it.

The blacklist is public, so we-the-people want to ask you what to do with it, we have to take some action based on this list?

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I disagree with this blacklist and I think that we-the-people can try to kindly ask to stop it (63.16%) 12 / 19
63.16% Complete (success)
I disagree with this blacklist but I think that we-the-people have just to ignore it (21.05%) 4 / 19
21.05% Complete (success)
I agree with the blacklist but I think is a personal initiative and we-the-people have to ignore it (10.53%) 2 / 19
10.53% Complete (success)
I agree with this blacklist and I think that we-the-people have to stop upvoting who is in the list (5.26%) 1 / 19
5.26% Complete (success)

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