"Self-voting: Yes or no?" - I really don't know it (yet?)

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today I ask myself (so you):

"Is self-upvoting a good idea or not?"

This time, I don't ask, because I just want to know your opinion - more I really do not know if it's good (based on the impacts on APR and on the reputation) or not.

It's a question I ask myself since I created my account on the STEEM blockchain.

Maybe you can tell me more about "why"/"why not" when checking an answer!

Thank you guys very much in advance!

Have a nice start into your week!



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I am as unsure as you, so I just want to know that, too (please tag me in the comments, once there's a logically answer) (45.45%) 5 / 11
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Yes, self upvoting is good, because .. (36.36%) 4 / 11
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No, self upvoting is not good, because .. (18.18%) 2 / 11
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