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Do you nowadays play League of Legends (LoL)?

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Nowadays League of Legends (LoL) is one of the most popular MOBA games. The game is very well optimized, I am playing it on a 13 years old laptop (Toshiba Satellite A110-110). You can find me as "XplosiveHUN" in the game.

LoL201910041825CEST.jpg Image source: Screenshot (League of Legends (LoL)). Screenshot was taken on 2019.10.04, 18:25 CEST.

So, what about you? Do you nowadays play League of Legends (LoL)?

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No, and do not play other MOBA games either. (78.57%) 11 / 14
78.57% Complete (success)
No, but I play other MOBA games, for example Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm. (14.29%) 2 / 14
14.29% Complete (success)
Yes, but I do not play other MOBA games. (7.14%) 1 / 14
7.14% Complete (success)

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