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Flagging (downvoting) @samswim's (and other spammers') two words spam comments. Will you help?

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I don't used to downvote, but I changed my mind. Since we have a separate downvote pool, I decided to put that to a good use, and fighting (flagging) (downvoting) spam comments is a good use in my opinion. @samswim is posting a "great post" comment under dozends of blog posts, and I just had enough of that. Unfortunately I (alone) can't do much against him. For example I downvoted this comment of him with 100%, The pending payout was $0.03 on that comment. Now it is $0.02. Steemit is showing "amount must reach $0.02 for payout", so maybe I successfully pushed down the pending payout below the payout threshold, but I am not sure. It is either $0.02 or close to it (less than that). He should deserve pushing down the pending payout on that comment below the payout threshold, because spam comments should not be paid. If I would have the power, I would flag (downvote) this (and other) spammer(s) to oblivion. From now on, I will downvote spam comments, wherever/whenever I notice them. Will you help flagging (downvoting) this (and other) spammers' two words spam comments?

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No. I will not flag (downvote) their two words spam comments, and I will not flag (downvote) anything else either. (46.15%) 6 / 13
46.15% Complete (success)
No. I will not flag (downvote) their two words spam comments, but I will flag (downvote) something else.. (30.77%) 4 / 13
30.77% Complete (success)
Yes, I will flag (downvote) their two words spam comments. (23.08%) 3 / 13
23.08% Complete (success)

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