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How does Steemhunt's Hunt token curation works? If the pending payout does not reach Steem's payout threshold ($0.02), will the authors receive the Hunt tokens?

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Practical example: I currently need to cast a 33% upvote to give 1 Hunt token to authors on Steemhunt. My 100% upvote worth 3.04 Hunt tokens, but the value of my upvote is approximately (usually less than) $0.01 in both cases, so it is less than the payout threshold ($0.02) of the Steem blockchain. I upvoted two comments (from different users, but under the same hunt) with 33% upvotes, so I (theoretically) gave 1 Hunt token to both of the users. But if no one else will upvote their comments, will they receive the Hunt token at the time of the payout?

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I don't know whether they will receive it or not. (81.82%) 9 / 11
81.82% Complete (success)
Yes, they will receive 1 Hunt token for their comments, because the Hunt token reward distribution is independent from the payout threshold ($0.02) of the Steem blockchain. (9.09%) 1 / 11
9.09% Complete (success)
No, they will not receive it. (9.09%) 1 / 11
9.09% Complete (success)

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