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If you could take only one reader pill from these six reader pills, which one would you take?

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The six reader pills

Amnesia pill: You have the chance to read a book as if you had never read it before. Sacrifice pill: You can revive any dead fictional character. Love pill: You can make a fictional character fall in love with you. Life pill: You can make any fictional character come to real life. Travel pill: You can visit any fictional world. Body pill: You can change bodies with any citional character.

Personally I would love to travel to a lot of fictional worlds, and stay in them, because I think that the world of fantasy is better than the so-called real world. So I would choose the Travel pill.

Which one would you choose?

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Travel pill. (73.33%) 11 / 15
73.33% Complete (success)
Life pill. (13.33%) 2 / 15
13.33% Complete (success)
Amnesia pill. (6.67%) 1 / 15
6.67% Complete (success)
Body pill. (6.67%) 1 / 15
6.67% Complete (success)

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