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Is any of your recent (less than 3 days old) blog posts on the Steem blockchain about your own drawing, paiting, or your own poetry or music? If yes, then you can win some Trendo Token (TRDO)!

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I see that nowadays most of the people are posting photography related blog posts (or viogs) on the Steem blockchain. I would like to encourage alternative arts by rewarding their authors with Trendo Token (TRDO). If you answer yes, I will check your blog post, and I call the Trendo Token (TRDO) under that blog post to reward you. Nowadays I have a little bit more than 300 staked Trendo Token (TRDO). If I call the Trendo Token (TRDO) under your blog post, then you get about 0.05 Trendo Token (TRDO). You will probably not get millionaire by this, but this is still more than nothing. And all it takes for you is to vote on this poll on dPoll. Probably other people with similar interests will also check this post, so you can also win some visibility by voting on this poll. Good luck and all the best!

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No, my recent (less than 3 days old) blog posts on the Steem blockchain is about something else. (100.0%) 12 / 12
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