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Is the Apple AirPods Pro ($249 USD) too expensive/overpriced?

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Remember: The battery life of the Apple AirPods Pro is still approximately 5 hours with a single full charge, and these 5 hours will be reduced to 4.5 hours with active noise cancelling, and to 3 hours with speaking on the phone! You can't even use it to listen to your favorite music on an airplane with an intercontinental destination, because the battery will run out of power much before the plane would land. $249 USD for this? I would except at least one entire DAY, or rather even more (multiple days) from an expensive earbuds like this. I can't even imagine spending $249 USD for an earbuds, and then CHARGING it MULTIPLE TIMES within a SINGLE DAY. I think that the Apple AirPods Pro is a joke with this ($249 USD) price tag and this low battery life. But maybe this is just/only me. What do you think? Is the Apple AirPods Pro ($249 USD) too expensive/overpriced?

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