Is this what you call a fair/balanced game, Steem Monsters/Splinterlands?

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Screenshot_2019-08-06 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png Image source: Screenshot (Steem Monsters/Splinterlands). Screenshot was taken on 2019.08.06, 20:35 CEST.

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Level 3 and Level 4 summoners/monsters against my level 1 summoners/monsters. Even in the Bronze II League. I don't even have level 2 summoners, so I can't even use level 2 monsters. I don't even have a chance against these enemies. Unfairness at its best. And nowadays this happens very often. This is not (and will not) motivate me to buy more cards. Quite the opposite. This is why I am thinking about stopping playing Steem Monsters/Splinterlands. I think that the developers should make this game more fair/balanced.

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You are right, I also experienced the same, and I still play Steem Monsters/Splinterlands. (75.0%) 6 / 8
75.0% Complete (success)
No, this is not unfair/unbalanced. This only/just makes the game more interesting. (25.0%) 2 / 8
25.0% Complete (success)

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