Poll! The question of the century: what are you seeing on the picture? Lake or fence?

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There were some times, when the game of light and shadows confused the observer, and they even had to check multiple times what they are exactly seeing. It is sure that everyone can remember such moments, which were not completely obvious at the given situation, the weird co-operation of random things displayed weird reality or illusion.

The following photo was taken from the right seat of a car, the photographer took photos about the landscape in front of him/her while sitting in the car. Nothing peculiar, right? In a late summer sunset, there is a clearing, a tree row in front of a lake. Or not a lake, but a bright long fence?

What do you think? What do you see on the picture in front of the tree row, a lake or a fence? Vote under the photo, or write your opinion in a comment.

tavat-vagy-keritest-octa-01.jpg Image source: https://octa.hu.

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Fence. (55.56%) 10 / 18
55.56% Complete (success)
Lake. (44.44%) 8 / 18
44.44% Complete (success)

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