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The real face of the equality and brotherhood in Hong-Kong: People, who do not agree, get burned alive! Do you still support the protesters in Hong Kong?

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What happens if someone does not agree with Hong-Kong becoming independent? The peaceful, democratic protesters dousing gasoline on them, and (literally!) set them on fire!

It is awful, but it is worth to watch for every adult person. Just to know what to expect from peaceful protesters. I do not know Chinese, but it is visible that the body position of the victim is not threatening. Furthermore he is alone against the majority, so he is not a threat. When they pour gasoline on him, he do not notice how big trouble in he are, only when they set him on fire.

The video is in this article: https://www.rt.com/news/473115-hong-kong-man-set-on-fire/

And this is just only one incident. The article tells that the peaceful protesters in Hong Kong turned into violent rioters.

"What began as peaceful demonstrations against a now-abandoned extradition bill with mainland China has morphed into street riots and other forms of political violence. Last week, a pro-Beijing lawmaker was stabbed in Hong Kong, in an apparent assassination attempt. Numerous videos have documented masked demonstrators setting fires, destroying public infrastructure, and attacking bystanders and police."

I do not like to share such a thing, but I fear that this will not show up on the mainstream, objective media. Someone have to show this too.

So, seeing this, do you still support the protesters in Hong Kong?

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I still support the protesters in Hong Kong. (90.91%) 10 / 11
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I knew about, but I did not supported the protesters in Hong Kong so far, and I will not start support them. (9.09%) 1 / 11
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