The swap in my main desktop PC (or laptop)...

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I currently use a Toshiba Satellite A110-110 laptop with Windows 7. This system is using a file for swap. The current total paging file size for all drives is 1918 MB. The current amount of the physical memory in the laptop is 2 GB, so the pagefile size is close (a little bit less than) the amount of the physical memory. If you use Windows, then use "Run" (or Win+R to open a Run box), then type sysdm.cpl, and hit enter. Go to the Advanced tab, then clcik on the Settings in the "Performance section, then click on the Advanced again. To see the minimum allowed, recommended, and the currently allocated values, click on the "Change... button in the Virtual Memory section. The values are the following in the case of my laptop: Minimum allowed: 16 MB. Recommended: 2877 MB. Currently allocated: 1918 MB. The default setting is used, which is "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives. It is interesting that the system automatically manages the paging file size, but still not use the recommended amount I would like to see your case in the Additional thoughts (Optional) of this poll. But let's get back to the original question: What is the type of the swap in your main desktop PC (or laptop)?

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I don't know (OS default). (77.78%) 7 / 9
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There is no swap in my desktop PC (n)or in my laptop. (22.22%) 2 / 9
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