The winner of my first PALcoin giveaway (dPoll exclusive) + My second PALcoin giveaway (dPoll exclusive)

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7 days ago (on 2019.08.01) I made my first PALcoin giveaway on dPoll. Statistics: 29 people participated in my first PALcoin giveaway. The random name picker has chosen @erica005 as the winner.

Screenshot_2019-08-08 Random Name Picker - Quickly Pick A Random Name.png Image source: Screenshot (Random Name Picker). Screenshot was taken on 2019.08.08, 09:25 CEST.

Congratulations for winning! I already sent 0.10 PALcoin to you! Thank you for participating in my first PALcoin giveaway! I decided to do a second PALcoin giveaway with the same rules. So, would you like to win 0.10 PALcoin?

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Yes, I would like to win 0.10 PALcoin. (96.0%) 24 / 25
96.0% Complete (success)
No, thank you. I am not interested in PALcoin. (4.0%) 1 / 25
4.0% Complete (success)

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