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Would you agree with a one week (7 days) power down time?

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I participated in a discussion under this blog post about the power down time. While @liberosist wrote that "One week should be the worst case scenario, ideally lower than that.", I think that one week (7 days) would be completely ideal, because the payout time on the Steem blockchain is also one week (7 days). @smooth wrote that With the way content voting currently works, the shortest we could do would be one week.". So, what do you think? Would you agree with a one week (7 days) power down time? I am not a witness, just/only a simple Steem user. I am asking this out of pure curiosity.

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No (I am not a Steem witness). (56.25%) 9 / 16
56.25% Complete (success)
Yes (I am not a Steem witness). (43.75%) 7 / 16
43.75% Complete (success)

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