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Which one is more important for better sleep?

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Sleep keeps our body strong, strengthens the body. But due to various reasons, we do not get sufficient sleep, due to which the temperament is irritable, the body is not well. Besides, if there is no good sleep, there is no attention to the work throughout the day, but the likelihood of various types of accidents increases.

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But many people say, for a good night or better sleep, some changes in our lifestyle are important. What do you think, which one is more important for better sleep?

Thanks in advance for your quick feedback. @hafizullah

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Reducing the use of smartphones at night (20.0%) 5 / 25
20.0% Complete (success)
All of the above (20.0%) 5 / 25
20.0% Complete (success)
Good environment (16.0%) 4 / 25
16.0% Complete (success)
Eat less caffeine and alcohol (16.0%) 4 / 25
16.0% Complete (success)
Others (12.0%) 3 / 25
12.0% Complete (success)
Turn Off the lamp before sleeping (8.0%) 2 / 25
8.0% Complete (success)
Try to sleep at certain times (8.0%) 2 / 25
8.0% Complete (success)

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