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What do you think: NEW TOP Witnesses!

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Please answer honest! I will giveaway 100STEEM or 1HIVE for a random partcipant one week from now.

Rules: 1. Vote 2. CrossPost or ReBlog 3. Comment weather you want STEEM or HIVE as price

Good Luck to everyone!

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I love Cheesecake (55.56%) 10 / 18
55.56% Complete (success)
AWWWWWWW NOOOOOOO!!! (22.22%) 4 / 18
22.22% Complete (success)
Why can't STEEMITBLOG be Spot Nr.1 ? (11.11%) 2 / 18
11.11% Complete (success)
I say what Justin has said (but I'm not sure what that was) (11.11%) 2 / 18
11.11% Complete (success)

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